Welcome to Critical Care Notes

There are tons of great critical care podcasts, blogs, website, and videos out there on the internet. And that isn’t even including all the great educational resources available on social media. But how do you know what is worth reading/watching/listening to? How does all of this random content fit into the broader schema of critical care education?

What you need is a curriculum and a curated guide to all the content out there. That’s where this site comes in. I’m a critical care nurse practitioner and educator and I’m passionate about combining social media/internet with critical care education. I’ll share with you what I’m using to teach and learn, and organize it in such a way that it is meaningful for your education as a critical care provider.

The site is organized into 2 main sections. “By Systems” breaks content down by physiological system while “Special Topics” organizes it into topics that don’t fit neatly into one system. Lots of the content is categorized multiple ways, so look around or use the search feature in the upper right.

Given that this site highlights the best of social media, it’s only fitting that there are 2 social media sites associated with it. The Critical Care Notes Twitter (@CritCareNotes) is the place to find a lot of good social media resources (especially quick tips that might not merit an entire blog entry). Critical Care Notes on Instagram is also worth a follow! I’ll post things there that are visual (I love a good infographic!) and repost lots of good Instagram content as well.

Hopefully, there is something here for providers at every level including physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses, paramedics, you name it. Please let me know if you have a great resource that you’d like to share or if there is something specific that you’re looking for but can’t find!