The first thing you need to know about any list like this is, it is not exhaustive. By any means. There are SO many good sites, blogs, podcasts, and other resources out there and any list that I start to compile eventually becomes unwieldy. So, these are some of my favorites, but not all. I often hesitate when putting a list like this together because I know that I’m going to forget someone. So, just know that this is just a jumping off point…

Although some of the resources listed are included in specific categories, many of them don’t neatly fit into one specific folder. Also, lots are multi-modal, meaning they are blogs, podcasts, social media, etc. Just start exploring and find what you like. And, by all means, if you find a favorite that isn’t listed here, share it with me!

Getting Started with FOAMed

Who should I follow on social media? – Coming Soon

Designing you own curriculum – Coming Soon

General Acute and Critical Care

Life in the Fastlane

The Internet Book of Critical Care

Critical Care Now

Critical Care Northampton

Maryland Critical Care Project

Neurocritical Care

Emergency Neurological Life Support Course

Emergency Neurological Life Support Protocols (FREE)

Neurocritical Care Society Guideline for Management of Status Epilepticus

Academic Life in Emergency Medicine Guide to Management of Intracranial Hemorrhage

Neurocritical Care Society Guideline for Reversal of Anticoagulation in Intracranial Hemorrhage


The POCUS Atlas – A free online image/clip repository

Radiology Masterclass – The best free online radiology tutorials, CXR, CT and more

Radiopaedia – Everything you could ever want to know about radiology

American College of Radiology Appropriateness Criteria – The ultimate guide to determining which radiology study you really want to order (requires free registration)

Univ of Toronto Perioperative Interactive Education POCUS – Best interactive POCUS training

Critical Care Literature

Critical Care Reviews – Rob MacSweeny reads the latest articles in critical care and summarizes them. Podcast and website.

Critical Care Medicine – Official Journal of the Society for Critical Care Medicine (Subscription required for some articles)

AACN Advanced Critical Care – American Association of Critical Care Nurses (Subscription required for some articles)


The Elective Rotation – ICU Pharmacist “Pharmacy Joe” covers everything you ever wanted to know about drugs in the ICU.

My Favorite Podcasts and Blogs

Critical Care Scenarios – OK, I have to include my podcast on this list, right? 🙂

@eddyjoemd – Blog and podcast run by Intensivist Eddy Joe Gutierrez

Trauma ICU Rounds – Website and podcast by Trauma Surgeon Dennis Kim

Critical Concepts – Blog run by my Critical Care Scenarios podcast cohost Brandon Oto

Zentinsivist – Great site from Dr Matt Siubu. Focused on minimally-invasive, maximally attentive critical care.

Emergency Mind – Site, book, and podcast by ED Doc Dan Dworkin. All about performing under pressure.