My Favorites

A few of my favorite sites/blogs/podcasts

Critical Concepts
Brandon Oto, PA-C, NREMT is a PA in surgical critical care. He is also my co-host on the Critical Care Scenarios podcast! His blog and website covers topics in critical care aimed at PAs/NPs, but certainly applicable to RNs at the bedside as well. Website also has tutorials, evidence reviews, and discussions. Also includes thoughtful posts on how we practice.

Matt Siuba is an intensivist at Cleveland Clinic and one of the driving forces behind the “zentensive care” movement. His website, Zentensivist, is dedicated to sharing this perspective of “minimally-invasive, maximally attentive critical care.” On this site, you’ll find tons of great posts about various topics in critical care, all from a zentensive care framework.

ICU Pearls
Great teaching site/blog that offers a “pearl” a day, usually in the form of a multiple choice question. Great for quick, daily learning.

Life in the Fast Lane (LITFL)
Great Australian site/blog. The website is a great resource that offers short articles that explain complicated critical care topics in easy to understand language. (Hint, I use this almost daily in my practice to read about stuff I’m unfamiliar with when I’m short on time) They also offer Reviews, compiling the latest critical care info from around the internet. Perfect for the nurse who doesn’t have time to search everything in order to stay up to date!

Critical Care Northampton
Great site run by British Intensivist Dr. Jonny Wilkinson. Tons of great resources, including videos and infographics on all sorts of critical care topics.

Ever wish you were better at reading X-rays, CT scans, etc.? This site will teach you. It has tons of great articles on pathology and how to use radiology to diagnose what’s wrong.

Critical Care Practitioner
This is a great podcast/blog/informational site out of the UK (and where I got my podcasting start, thanks Jonathon!). Hosted by Jonathon Downham, Advanced Critical Care Practitioner (UK equivalent of nurse practitioner), this site is packed full of free educational goodness.

Critical Care Reviews
Need to know what’s new in the critical care literature but don’t have time to read everything out there? Rob MacSweeny reads the latest articles in critical care and summarizes them. Podcast and website.

Blog, site, and podcast hosted by Scott Weingart, EM/Intensivist in New York. Lots of critical care with an ER emphasis.

Intensive Care Network
Australian ICU Podcast/website. Great info, great accents!

Maryland CC Project
Site/podcast from the University of Maryland Critical Care Fellowship. Lectures given to ICU fellows on a wide range of topics.

The Elective Rotation
ICU Pharmacist “Pharmacy Joe” covers everything you ever wanted to know about drugs in the ICU.