The Elective Rotation

I found a new podcast this week that I really like, it’s called The Elective Rotation and it’s really for pharmacists, but it’s good really good info for providers as well. And the episodes are short, like <10 minutes, which makes it easy to work into the drive in to work.

The first episode I’m going to recommend is “Can hypotension from propofol be predicted?”

Propofol is a super common medication that we use for induction prior to intubation and for maintenance of sedation in the ICU. One of the big downsides of its use is the risk of hypotension. This short episode discusses ways to predict who can handle the propofol.

The second recommendation from this podcast is an episode called “Are diuretics safe to reduce fluid balance in critically ill patients?”

We use diuretics in the ICU commonly in the process of “de-resuscitation,” getting rid of all that excess fluid patients have on board thanks to our resuscitation. This podcast talks about the safety and efficacy of diuretics for this purpose.

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