Online Journal Club

Back in November of 2019 (before COVID, remember those days?), we started an online, virtual journal club on Twitter called TwitticalCare. Every month, a recent article from the critical care literature was posted along with discussion questions during a live session. Lots of people participated and generated some good discussion. the TwitticalCare account went from 0 followers to 1000+ almost overnight. It was hugely popular.

Then, COVID happened. And those of us who were working in ICUs around the world became overwhelmed. The LAST thing any of us wanted to do in the evening after working in the ICU all day was get online and talk about critical care. We wanted to watch cat videos and binge Netflix and basically turn our brains off.

Now, a lot of us are ready to get back to that worldwide virtual discussion. And so, TwitticalCare became Critical Care Notes. The site expanded to include curated content from around the web, but we wanted to keep the Journal Club and bring it back. So, once a month, we’ll share a recent article from the literature and have a discussion. Sometimes it will be asynchronously, allowing people to participate on their own schedule, even if their timezones are far apart. And sometimes we’ll do a live, synchronous session where people can discuss in real time.

Articles will be posted here along with links to the discussion on Twitter. So, come on and join the discussion!

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