Propofol and Hypotension

Propofol is a super common medication that we use for induction prior to intubation and for maintenance of sedation in the ICU. One of the big downsides of its use is the risk of hypotension. In this episode of the Elective Rotation podcast, Pharmacy Joe addresses the question “Can hypotension from propofol be predicted?” Although we can and do often use push-dose pressors to deal with this temporary hypotension from propofol and other similar agents in RSI scenarios, there are other situations where adequate sedation with propofol can lead to hypotension. In these situations, are the only answers to switch sedatives, tolerate inadequate sedation, or start vasopressor infusions? Nope. Give this episode a listen to discover more about predicting who will become hypotensive and how to prevent it (in some cases). Listen here.

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