Return of the Live Journal Club!

Back by popular demand, live Twitter journal club! But I’ve chosen a new time that should allow a lot more people to participate. Wednesday, November 3 @ 4:00pm Eastern (GMT-5). We’ll be discussing a big new study that has a potential impact on not only how we treat COVID, but possibly ARDS in general.

The COVID Steroid 2 trial compared 2 different dosing strategies for steroids in COVID-19 infection and had some…interesting results. You can get the paper here. We’ll be discussing the trial itself, the findings, and what you think they mean for COVID steroid treatment and if you think this will have any impact on steroids in ARDS or other lung diseases.

So, you’ve got almost a week to read the paper (if you haven’t read it already) and get ready to discuss. Hope you’ll join us on Twitter (@CritCareNotes) on Wednesday, November 4 @ 4:00pm Eastern/GMT -5. See you then!

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