Enteral Nutrition

In medicine generally, and critical care specifically, we’re not always so great about nutrition. After all, that’s why we have dietitians, right? Well, I’ll be the first to say that Registered Dieticians (RD) are invaluable members of the ICU team, and I rely on their expertise daily. However, they’re not always available. Additionally, as ICU providers, we should all be at least somewhat familiar with the basics of nutrition. So, when should we start enteral nutrition? When should we not? OK, we’re going to start tube feeding, which formula? How much?

As usual, Nick Mark over at onepagericu.com has you covered. This great ICU One Pager (PDF or PPT) on Enteral Nutrition covers everything you, as an ICU provider, need to know. This will at least help you get started until you can consult your local RD, or help you to provide proper nutritional therapy for your patients if you don’t have an RD available.

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