Neuroradiology for Intensivists

I have a particular bias towards neurocritical care. Even though I practice surgical critical care as well, I have an interest in neuro and I think that my practice in neurocritical care has really helped make me a better surgical intensivist as well. Neuro is a weird niche that scares lots of people who don’t do neurocritical care. So, another one of my favorite things is teaching on neurocritical care aimed specifically at non-neurointensivists.

So, I really like this video posted by Dr Casey Albin. Dr Albin is a neurointensivist who is one half of the NeuroEMCrit team and has been a guest on an upcoming episode of our Critical Care Scenarios podcast. She recently did a nice talk covering the basics of neuroimaging aimed specifically at non-neuro intensivists. She covers the basics of reading a head CT (which we’ve covered in detail before, here), CT Perfusion scans, thrombectomy scoring (TICI), how to identify liking cause of intracerebral hemorrhage, and more. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a good overview of neuroradiology stuff.

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