NG Tube Placement

The nasogastric tube, or NG tube, is one of the most commonly used devices in the ICU. It can be used for removing things from the stomach or adding them (in the form of medication and tube feeding). Although the small bore feeding tube (AKA Dobhoff tube) is becoming the go-to for feeding and oral med administration, even in the short term, the NG tube isn’t going anywhere. This tube is, as its name suggests, inserted into the nare and threaded down the posterior oropharynx and into the stomach. Once it is placed, you need to be sure that it’s placed correctly (you’d be amazed at the places one of these can go!)

This can often be accomplished without the use of radiography, but there are times when an X-ray is needed. The Radiologist covers when and how to use X-ray in the placement of NG tubes.

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