iScan 2022

This post isn’t so much educational or to promote some great #FOAMed educational resources, but is to promote an educational event. I’m going to be an instructor at a POCUS event coming up in May called iScan 2022. This is put on by the Society of Point of Care Ultrasound (SPOCUS) and is a POCUS “competition” aimed at PA and NP students. Why is competition in quotes? Well, because it’s really a teaching event disguised as a contest. It’s a great idea to gamify this sort of education. Students register in teams (solo students will be grouped together into teams or added to existing teams) and will go around to various stations where there will be teaching and contests. But it’s all in fun! And it’s FREE!! (Free POCUS training is like a unicorn!)

This is the 5th year, but the first year I’ll be a part of it and I’m super excited! (I was supposed to do it last year, but couldn’t go due to COVID). It’s May 23rd in Indianapolis, IN. If you’re a PA student, that coincides with the AAPA conference, so you may be in town anyway, why not come learn some POCUS? For information, including a link for registration, can be found here.

NPs, the website is heavy on the PA language, but it’s just as much for you! Historically, it’s pretty PA heavy because of its association with the AAPA conference. But, SPOCUS is specifically interested in growing support among NP students. At least a few of the instructors will be NPs and there will be teams of NPs. So, come represent!

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