How to Read a CTA for Pulmonary Embolism

A student of mine emailed me the other day asking if I knew of any good resources for learning to read a CTA of the chest for pulmonary embolism. This is something that I’m not very good at. I try to learn to read my own radiography whenever I can, not to supplant the radiologist, but more because I’m interested in how it’s done. Also, I feel like if I have an idea how to do something myself, it gives me a leg up because I don’t have to sit and wait for the read or at least if I do, I have some idea already what it’s going to say.

I remembered finding a good video once that explained it, so I set to Googling and easily found the video I had remembered watching before. Sarel Gaur is a radiologist who has a really great YouTube channel with videos covering lots of good radiology topics. This particular video covers the basics of reading a CTA for PE. There is a follow-up video here that does a case walk through.

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